I did it, right? I jumped. I moved to California. I have a place I can call home. I have a full time position that is self-sustaining while I plant my roots into new ground. I’ve made a few friends, some I can call family. I have a supportive partner who helps me grow every day and I’m beaming with gratitude to have earned it all on my own.

Yet, although grateful, I sit here squirming with dissatisfaction. For years I’ve dreamt of moving to California. For years I wanted a change of pace and new doors of opportunity. It’s as if my thought process before moving was #1 Move to California, and #2 Watch your dreams unfold themselves in front of your eyes, one by one, with signs so clear as if rainbows will appear and unicorns will carry you towards the path of enlightenment.

Obviously this was an exaggerated assumption, but my question remains: why do I continue to feel a gap/a void, that desire to be filled and what is my next big move?

Part of me wants to brainstorm ideas and force them into action. Another part of me wants to flow with the wind and let things fall into place. As I evaluate the two, the words of Lisa Nichols and Tony Robbins come to mind. could see myself speaking to Tony Robbins and being asked “have I mastered the five areas of my life? And if not, which area/s do I feel dissatisfied”. Lisa Nichols would follow behind asking “are my five areas in harmony rather than in balance, and am I being fully present in all areas and deepening my experience versus trying to get more time through balance?”

So, what are the five areas of life? They are:

  • Spiritual life
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health

I started reflecting on my progress and assessed every piece of my life. While in Colorado, many of these areas were not even a fraction to my satisfaction, and although my move to California placed me steps closer, I still find a large gap in between.

So yes, the question “what is next?” continues to stir in my cerebrum – the thinking part of the brain – as I go to and from work every day. You see, I believe this one life of mine is a very special one as all lives should be to their CEO’s – which is you, the owner of your life – and I strongly believe life is meant to be lived to its full potential; striving for more, pushing through limits, having breakthroughs, learning, growing, making mistakes, growing some more and continuing down this path to achieve my definition of purpose, enlightenment and leaving a legacy.

The journey of life as many have stated is the crux of it all. The destination is a temporary surge of dopamine until one is on the next journey to achieve that next goal at that specific destination. It’s a pattern – a cycle.

Life = Goal. Journey. Destination. Repeat. Goal. Journey. Destination. Repeat.

For example – college was intended for me to get a degree then a job. The degree was the destination and my college years leading to graduation was my journey.

I confess. I didn’t embrace my college journey because I was living in La La Land – dreaming of my ideal position and lifestyle after I received my diploma – something many college students go through. And once that special piece of paper came through, I felt that sense of accomplishment and can confidently say I’m proud of myself for earning a degree as a first-generation Moroccan American.

The dopamine levels quickly faded when reality set in at my first job post college. The experience wasn’t what I expected it to be (an error on my part – having set expectations), however it led me to something else. I knew then that I no longer wanted to be an accountant. Spending not four or five, but six years in college for a degree that I no longer wanted to use was… not entirely a complete waste of time. It was a realization. The realization that life is only worth living when one follows their heart and passions in doing what they love.

I didn’t know what that meant for me. To do what I love? I love many things and I’m definitely a Jill of all trades. I love the outdoors/activities, I love to read, travel, learn, take photos, cook, I love math and business, and much more. During my younger years, my focus was getting to college, then graduating, then getting a stable job. However, this was my parents’ dream – the traditionalist dream, and according to Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, it was the poor man’s dream. But it wasn’t mine! It never was and it never will be. Deep down I always knew that there was more for me. I knew that my inner self was banging on the doors of freedom, abundance and harmony.And I’m in pursuit of attracting freedom, abundance and harmony.

So, as I sit and write my thoughts on a Sunday morning, I question myself, what’s my next big move?

…Soon we will know!


Have you assessed the 5 areas of your life? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being complete bliss in that area, how would you rate yourself spiritually/religiously, in health, in relationships with a significant other/your family/friends, your career and lastly your finances?

Please share with me in the comments, via email or DM me on Instagram at The_Impossible_Journey.

And remember… enjoy your journey!Journey Vs. Destination

P.S. Thank you, Yvette for the beautiful peonies you gifted me in the picture above. I loved them!

Download a copy of this edition by clicking here => Jumping into the unknown


With Passion,


Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Kind. Be Authentic. Be Grateful. Be You.


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